Gorgeous RV Travel Trailer water-damaged Camper Remodel transformation on the cheap! Click the photo for more photos of this amazing budget first-time tiny house owners' renovation!

Camper Chronicles- Before and After!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! We are ready to reveal the final before and after photos of our camper! In case the dates are confusing you, the camper was finished to the point of being livable around this time (August 2017) last year, and we had put some finishing touches on it throughout […]

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Camper Chronicles Part 10

It’s time for the LAST camper renovation post! Our next post will be the long awaited… before and after photos! In this post, we are putting in the new flooring! We used floating vinyl planking from Lowe’s. We chose to use this flooring because it was light, easy to install, and would “move” with the […]

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Camper Chronicles Part 9

Hey! Welcome back to the Camper Chronicles! It’s time for the pretty part… painting!! This was a job that Tawny was able to do, and it took forever! You wouldn’t think that such a small space would take so long to paint… but it did! It’s very difficult to paint in all the nooks and […]

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