We’re Tawny & Luke, a couple of early twenty-somethings who were crazy enough to get married in college, and are now navigating recent grad life (AKA we’re broke and trying to figure out what to do with our lives). Tawny earned her degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and Luke in Intercultural Studies, so you could say we have a *slight* passion for travel and experiencing other cultures. Our main goal in our relationship is to not take life too seriously, enjoy the little moments, and maintain that “honeymoon phase” love for our entire lives. We don’t want to waste our lives while we’re young– we want to live more, travel more, spend more time together, give more to others, and most importantly– serve Jesus. To us, Palm Trees 🌴 mean warmth (and usually the beach), so we’re forsaking our Northern hometowns and embracing the Ocean Air. For now, we have our sights set on Florida, but there are plenty more Palm Trees out there we would like to see. We invite you to share in our adventures through our twenties, travel, marriage, blogging, our tiny house journey, and everything in between. 

We are currently serving as full-time missionaries at in Honduras with CBM! Give toward our ministry HERE

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